Ordering Questions

Why do people purchase keepsakes?

Many people interested in purchasing keepsake items have been through a life-changing event or journey and want something to mark the occasion or help them through it. Memorial keepsakes that include the ashes or hair of a loved one can bring comfort and guidance through very difficult times; keeping them close can be a large part of the healing journey. Many people who experience baby loss, or go through an early miscarriage, do not have anything tangible to hold onto and will often only have a positive pregnancy test, a small piece of fabric or a very limited amount of ashes making their keepsake extra special.
Maternity keepsakes or items honoring the breastfeeding are a fantastic way to celebrate the hardships of bringing a little one into this world and sustaining them till they're ready for alternatives.

What can be put into keepsake jewellery?

Well, just about anything! We offer various keepsake options, like breastmilk, cremation ashes, hair, teeth, flowers, fabrics or paper and more! You can find more information by following the links to our detailed recommended inclusion pages below.

Memorial Inclusions

Maternity & Breastmilk Inclusions

Will my jewellery change colour?

Eventually, yes. As all resins do, your piece will slowly yellow over time. However, not heeding our special care instructions can cause it to darken at an accelerated rate, please take a look at our care guide.

Can you work according to a deadline?

If you have a deadline or need to rush an order that's below our 12-week turnaround time, please add the date in the notes section at checkout.

How do I ship my items to you?

You can either purchase a Collection Kit to make sending your items easier. It is important to follow these instructions carefully to ensure that your item arrives safely and can be used to create your keepsake, we are not liable for any damaged caused during transit.

What happens with excess inclusions?

Excess breastmilk is kept frozen here at Pandora Lilly Keepsakes for two years after reciept; this ensures we can correct mistakes, fix any future issues or make pieces without Collection Kits needing to be sent out again. Other inclusions such as hair, ashes or tissues will be returned to you along with the finished piece.

How do I know that it's my items being used?

Reputable jewellery makers have strict procedures in place to ensure that each customer’s inclusions are kept separate from other orders and clearly labelled with their name and order number. This label follows the inclusions through every process and step in the studio to ensure there is no mix-up.

How can I ensure that the jewellery I receive matches my preferences and expectations?

We maintain open communication throughout the design process, ensuring that you are involved and informed at every step and encourage detailed descriptions or drawings to be emailed to us. We also provide a preview of the design before finalising and shipping it out to you.

Maternity Jewellery Questions

What is breastmilk jewellery?

Breastmilk jewellery is a type of keepsake jewellery that preserves and encapsulates a mother’s breastmilk in a resin stone. It serves as a tangible reminder of the special bond between mother and child and the precious moments shared during the breastfeeding journey.

How do you preserve breastmilk for jewellery?

My preservation methods are a trade secret I'm afraid, I can however offer a basic explanation on the process;

Liquids are denatured in order to break down the biological proteins, allowing my custom chemical preservation formula to penetrate the smaller compounds. The ingredients to my preservation formula contain chemicals that, among other things, inhibit the growth of bacteria, mould and yeasts. Once that's completed, the mixture is then put through a desiccation process, blitzed into a fine powder and then used as a pigment within things like resin jewellery.

Is breastmilk jewellery safe to wear?

Yes, breastmilk jewellery is safe to wear. The preserved breastmilk is securely encased in resin, ensuring that there are no health risks associated with wearing it.

What if I have twins or multiple children? Can their breastmilk be combined in one piece of jewellery?

Yes, we can combine breastmilk from twins or multiple children into one piece of jewellery.


Does maternity jewellery have to contain breastmilk?

No, maternity jewellery can contain any number of inclusions that remind you of motherhood, your baby's first curl, dried umbilical cord or even teeth.


Memorial Jewellery Questions

What is cremation ash jewellery?

Cremation jewellery, is a type of keepsake jewellery that incorporates a small amount of a loved one’s cremated ashes. This type of jewellery serves as a tangible and personal way to keep a loved one close and remember them always.

Is cremation jewellery suitable for both humans and pets?

Yes, cremation ash jewellery can be created for both human and pet ashes, offering a meaningful way to memorialise our beloved companions.

What if I have multiple ashes? Can they be combined in one piece of jewellery?

Yes, we can combine cremation ashes into one piece of jewellery but do ask they are sent in separate tubs to us.

Does memorial jewellery have to contain cremation ash?

No, memorial jewellery can contain any number of inclusions that remind you of your lost loved one, fabric, hair, dried funeral flowers or even gravesite earth.