Memorial & Cremation Ash Inclusions

We aim to produce beautiful handmade jewellery for those wishing to keep their loved ones close; this means we have the honour of making remembrance pieces for those who have experienced bereavement. Like many others, we have faced grief ourselves and understand the importance of memorial keepsakes.

When ordering a keepsake from us, we send out a Collection Kit that will contain all the items you will need to send your inclusions to us safely. Please take some time to review the collection kit page, as it gives detailed instructions on how to collect, how much to send and how to ship items back to us.

There are a number of ways memorial jewellery can be created to represent a loved one, I will be covering them in detail below.

Dried Flowers or Leaves
Flowers or leaves that have been dried can be placed into resin, these can be provided by you from special events such as funeral flowers or memorial flowers/trees. We can also create jewellery containing the birth flower that represents your loved one's birth month.

If you haven’t already kept a lock of hair, you can ask the funeral director or mortuary worker about collecting some for you. We will only ever ask for as much as you're willing to send to us and can work with as little as a few strands; we do ask that keep half at home with you.

Your loved one may have had a favourite piece of clothing or bedding that you associate with them. The fabric can be as little as a few strands or a section that has been carefully cut out; when sealed and encased within resin, the fabric can appear darker and take on a similar shade to how it looks when wet and so please keep this in mind.

Gravesite Dirt
If you have already chosen to have your loved one laid to rest, we can also work with the earth from their final resting place.

Cremation Ashes
Alternatively, if you have chosen to have your loved one cremated, we can use the ashes within the jewellery and can work with a very small amount.

Blood - TRIGGER WARNING; blood, graphic details.
Some individuals might have kept blood or fabric with blood on, we can work with either however, the blood must be fully dry before shipping to us.