Maternity & Breastmilk Inclusions

We aim to produce beautiful handmade jewellery for those wishing to keep a memento of their birth or breastfeeding journey; this means we have the honour of making keepsakes that contain actual DNA from the mother and/or their child.

When ordering a keepsake from us, we send out a Collection Kit that will contain all the items you will need to send your inclusions to us safely. Please take some time to review the collection kit page, as it gives detailed instructions on how to collect, how much to send and how to ship items back to us.

There are a number of ways maternity and breastmilk jewellery can be created to represent birth and/or feeding journey, I will be covering them in detail below.

We can use both breast/chestmilk and formula powder, the collection method is similar. Simply add liquid milk up to the 5ml mark of each tube.

Dried Flowers or Leaves
Flowers or leaves that have been dried can be placed into resin, these can be provided by you from special events or plants that had been planted on the day your child was born. We can also create jewellery containing the birth flower that represents your baby's birth month.

Your little one may have had a favourite piece of clothing, bedding or stuffed toy that you associate with them. The fabric can be as little as a few strands or a section that has been carefully cut out; when sealed and encased within resin, the fabric can appear darker and take on a similar shade to how it looks when wet and so please keep this in mind.

Pregnancy Test
Many parents still have the pregnancy test they had taken, which gave them their positive result. Parents can send the test to us whole, or when the thought of this is too much, they can also collect small pieces of the test themselves, which then get shipped to us.

Baby Hair
For those that have kept a lock of hair, perhaps from your baby's first haircut or have snipped some off for this very purpose. We will only ever ask for as much as you're willing to send to us and can work with as little as a few strands; we do ask that keep half at home with you just in case.

TRIGGER WARNING; blood, graphic details below.

Placenta, Umbilical Cord, Embryos and other tissue samples.
We can also encapsulate dried placenta, you may have kept yours in the freezer or had placenta capsules made. Please make sure that no chemicals have been used previously to preserve the placenta or umbilical cord, as this renders them unusable for memorial jewellery. We cannot accept raw samples, they must be fully dehydrated before sending to us.

  1. To dry the samples, if frozen, defrost them in a safe place or slowly in the fridge if you prefer.

  2. Once fully defrosted, turn your oven onto its lowest heat setting with the door slightly ajar.

  3. Rinse the samples with cool, clean water and pat them dry. To decrease oven time, you may cut samples into smaller pieces however this isn’t necessary.

  4. Line a baking tray with parchment paper, lay your samples on top, as flat and as thin as you can, and place them into the oven, where it can take approx. 4-8 hours to dry fully (they may be bendy, but feel light and totally dry to the touch)

  5. Make sure to keep some at home, and send a piece no bigger than an orange seed to us using our collection kit.

Blood must be fully dry before shipping to us.