About Us


My name is Jade, I'm the owner of Pandora Lilly keepsakes and the person that creates all of your wonderful pieces. I founded PLK in 2022 as a way to memorialise my own daughter who was stillborn in 2013. I'm also a mother to one amazing little boy, animal enthusiast with a collection of over 30 exotic pets, and not forgetting the family pooch!

My work is, and always will be extra special to me since each stone will remind me of the first keepsake piece I ever made, it contained the ashes of my daughter and was really important for my personal grief journey.

I try my best to put a lot of love and respect into each item I create, since I understand the importance of sentimental keepsakes and jewellery.

If you'd like to read more about my business, you can take a look at Our Story.